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10 tips to making any room feel BIGGER

Do you have a tiny space that feels like it's caving in? OR, a big space that doesn't have enough to fill it out?

Read these tips and be amazed at just how much BIGGER you can make a room feel.

1. Proper lighting

Light it up! A dimly lit room will disappear. If it's not possible to install overhead lighting, make sure to add plently of floor or table lamps.

2. Floor to Ceiling Drapes

When you install your curtains high + wide, they naturally bring your eyes up. This gives the illusion that your space is taller!

3. Invest in a large area rug

When your rug is laid out, you will naturally look to the outside edges of the rug. By filling out the floor properly, you will maximize the square footage.

4. Use a mirror to your advantage

By placing a mirror on a wall strategically, you will gain the lighting that it reflects. The more light you have, the brighter + bigger a space will feel.

5. Fake it with glass

Because you can see through this glass table, it doesn't take up any visual space.

6. Limit Busy Wall Decor

When you don't have a lot to give, less is more. This tight entryway didn't offer a lot of room, but the sign sure gave it a big punch!

7. Paint Color Selection

Light = Bright. The less natural light you have pouring in, the more important your selection will be. Don't go dark unless you have the lighting to support it. Want to know some of our favorites? Click on this image!

8. Follow the cantaloupe rule

"Decorative items smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room"-Sabrina Soto. We couldn't agree more...especially in small spaces!

9. Furniture Choice + Placement

The sofa selection chosen for this living room has feet, which allows for visual space beneath the sofa. It was also placed in the center of the room, which fills out the square footage perfectly.

10. Choose multi-purpose pieces

This farmhouse bench, serves as an entryway bench, but also provides storage.

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