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5 design tips + tricks to level up any home

| ONE | Measure your Home + keep it handy!

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture or a piece of artwork (and LOVE it!!) but talk yourself out of it because you're just not sure it will fit? Or-- get it home and have the major BLUES that it's just not going to happen in your space?

The very first thing I do before starting a design is measure each room and take pictures. Sure, my brain may to be able to visualize what I want to do quicker than some...but that does NOT mean I don't need those reference points. Keep all your measurements on your phone for quick reference!

I also keep a list of things I'm looking for--and what the ideal size would be:


Dining Room--Frames for gallery walls- need 8x10 or larger!


Living Room- Rug: need a 9x12..needs some blue coloring in it!

Here's what and how to measure:

-Each wall + the space you have on each wall. (Example of one wall: 40 inches of wall on left side, 50 inch wide window, 40 inches of wall on ride side)

-The distant from the floor to ceiling

-Furniture pieces that would dictate your choices. (Measurements of your sofa, etc)

And then, take photos of each space as well. Even though you live in your house each day...sometimes we think we have more room than we actually do! ;) This HELPS. Trust me!

| TWO | Don't skimp on pillow forms

I'm not saying a pillow has to cost a bazillion dollars. Target makes some of the best pillow covers!! But often, the cotton-fill inserts will flatten out in what seems like weeks...so keep an eye out for pillows with feather inserts. OR, if you see a pillow you love with just a cotton fill insert--see if it has a zipper. If so-- unzip it..and swap it out for a better insert as your budget allows!!

Good inserts give you the opportunity to fluff up and karate chop your pillows into styled perfection!

| THREE | Mirrors are your BFF

Plain and simple: A mirror can extend and expand your viewpoint. It's exactly why as you're circling a parking garage those little mirrors help you see what's around the corner..It gives you an extension. And in the design world, that means more light in your space. And more light + more of a viewpoint will absolutely help make any room feel bigger! Every home needs at least one mirror in my opinion. (Bathrooms not included)

I'm obsessed with the way this HomeGoods mirror leveled up my office this year. It's so big it didn't even fit in my mini van--I had to get a trailer to bring it home. Haha! It was definitely one of those things that I really didn't care what my phone notes said...I was making it happen in my house!

You can find my National Business office furniture collection: HERE (Use code Design10 for 10% off!)

| FOUR | Use paint Samples to help you visualize

PSSSSTTT: You can use a paint chip for more than wall paint! Say you grabbed the fox sheets in this photo on clearance at Target. And while you KNOW you like those sheets (and bonus! they were a steal!), you're thinking "Now how am I going to get everything else to coordinate?!"

Run into your local paint store...grab a paint chip that matches the orange coloring of the foxes...and keep it in your car or your purse. Then the following week when you see the next piece of the puzzle (but you question whether it will work)...you've got your trusted sample to match/coordinate!

| FIVE | Make it personal

Adding your personal stamp will absolutely turn a house into your home. Add a gallery wall or drop a new photo on top of your nightstand. It's instant cozy and a game changer because it creates a connection. Think of the way it makes you feel when you walk into someones entryway and see photos displayed of happy memories. You KNOW you look...you KNOW you smile and think of the happiness those memories brought for that person. That connection draws you in and created a cozy atmosphere for all who enter.

And personal doesn't have to be a photo...it can also be a decor piece with meaning. Your wedding album..a vase from your grandma...or even in the picture above--a dutch shoe with special meaning.

Whatever it is that is tailored to you..your family, your memories, your happiness..it belongs in your home!

I hope one of these quick design tips sticks with you, and helps alleviate some decision fatigue when you're just not sure. Since I can't physically be in each of your homes...I hope I can reach more of you with a few tricks up your sleeves!

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