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Happy Sunday, M+B friends!

As many of you know, we now offer services in TWO locations. I am thrilled to share with you the very first premier design reveal for Wisconsin! It's a near + dear one to me because I got to work on my childhood bestie's new home! Sweet gig, huh?

Carrie has a complex style that we see a lot. She enjoys pieces that are transitional and timeless for bigger purchases, but is also drawn to the boho trend as well. As designers, this makes our jobs fun! We get to stretch our wings and play around with different elements to create the perfect combination of items that will #feellikehome.

Here is a photo of their living room right after they moved in...


Now that's a sunday morning swoon, am I right?!

What is nice about a space like this one was, there was nothing that jumps out at you as a major eye sore. Sure, we needed to get going on decor, and adding in that cozy feeling..but it had great bones!

The first thing up on the want list-- was a feature wall. We chose a bold patterned metallic paper that packed a BIG PUNCH. With a wallpaper like that, you are basically choosing art. And it did NOT disappoint!

Because the wallpaper was such a pop of fun, it was important to have a more simplified wall nearby. We incorporated a gallery wall with some simple black frames, and a live edge mirror.

The furniture choices asked about were also something that is often requested by clients. "Something that will look great, won't break the bank, and is family friendly" I took that into consideration when placing mirrored couches for her layout. They come in a deep gray with forgiving fabric, have beautiful nailhead trim, and were a great price point! I added in a few touches of blue in my pillow selection to help pull back in the blue color from the wallpaper

The design of the space had a lot of lower profile pieces. The coffee table is lower, the TV stand is lower....so it's important to add the balance that comes into play when those are chosen. The properly hung (high + wide) curtains, tall gold bookshelf, and wallpaper all bring your eyes up, and help to forgive + support the lower profile choices.

And can we just take a hot second to take about the beauty that is this GORGEOUS LIGHT? It gives me ALL THE HEART EYE FEELS, you guys! (Except when I remember having to help assemble and install all those glass panels without making ONE BILLION fingerprints...but I sure do love it!!)

And finally, the finishing touches. The fine details. It's probably one of my favorite parts, actually. It's like all the little reasons to fall even more in love. I used a blanket she already owned to layer the coffee table...

...and pulled together a simple vignette of layered heights, pottery pieces, + greenery to add life!

And for maybe the first time ever (because Bekah and I have enough kids of our own to keep alive, we love ALL THE FAUX greens), M+B has some REAL LIVING plants in a style reveal. HAHA! Credit to that most definitely falls to my green-thumbed bestie!

One thing Bekah and I want to bless you all with moving forward is SOURCES!! We don't ever want to keep our finds to ourselves, because we sure do hope you love what you see as much as we do!


COUCHES: Bob's Discount Furniture Store (Milwaukee, WI)

LIGHT: Wayfair

TV STAND: Target


RUG: Joss + Main

LAMP: Target


BOOKSHELF: Hayneedle

WALLPAPER: Joss + Main

PAINT COLOR: Benjamin Moore Chatsworth Cream

FRAMES: Homegoods


BASKET: Target

PILLOWS: Homegoods

SMALL DECOR: Tjmaxx + Homegoods + Target




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