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Design Reveal: Changing the focus

The layout of a room can mean everything for a space. Some seemingly unnoticed parts of your spaces might be waiting for their time to shine. Simple changes can go a long way, and doing something as simple as rearranging, can give your home a whole new look! Try new perspectives before throwing in the towel on not liking something or wanting something new.

This front entry room space had great established furniture pieces. While they filled out the room proportionately, it was a time for a change. The home owners wanted help transforming it into a home office space, while keeping in mind that it was the first thing you see as you walk in!


Check out the before!



Here it is now!


The room layout change showcases these windows in a whole new way! They are so bright and invite you right into the room.

Same desk, repositioned to the center of the room.

Curtains that are hung high and wide will always make your windows seem larger!

Give yourself permission to mix metals. As you can see here, there is silver, gold, and oil rubbed bronze...and it all marries beautifully here!

Personal touches have my heart. You can't help but smile at these photographs when you look up from working in this home office.

Let's talk about this bookshelf styling and how it came together (and how you can do it to!):

Tip 1: Make sure your shelves balance. The white frames aren't are on every shelf..and that's ok. But there isn't just one white frame. They balance. The pops of blue...all balanced. You have a touch on the basket, in the books, and in the art and candle. The greens are pulled in throughout. Again, balancing it out.

Tip 2: Incorporate things that have special meaning to you. It was the request of the homeowner to have the eiffel tower and the diplomas on the shelves, and so I made that happen. Your house will feel more like home when you had those personal touches.

Tip 3: If your shelves are a bit smaller than you wish they were, add some artwork or height to the top shelf. It will create the illusion of the height being there, and help to pull it together.

Tip 4: Sometimes you just have to stand back and pause. Literally. Step back several steps and ask yourself what shelves you're liking and what you're not liking. What do you need to add? What could you take away? What shelves seem to heavy and how can you balance? Sometimes it's that fresh pair of eyes when you've paused for a minute that helps give you that last idea.


The Small Details


Another personal touch with a framed photo, and a special memory piece of decor.

You can never have too much greenery in one room!

The desk decor is styled simply to keep the workspace available and open.

Down to the very last detail, it is always our promise to make your house #feellikehome.


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