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Design Reveal: Master Bedroom

I walked into this design right as the color was scheduled for the painters. The brighter color my clients had chosen got my wheels turning and made for a fun design. If everyone had the same color palette all the time, my job would not be nearly as exciting, and I was excited for a change of pace.


Here was the room before hand:


And then with the color (Simpy Sparkling 0594)...


Here was the mood board I proposed to them:

The stools ended up getting nixed to allow for more space.


And here are the after photos:

I'm really obsessed with the artwork from Juniper Print Shop. Usually with artwork it's a "when you know you know" situation...and this was no exception. It was the exact piece that I needed as invitation to incorporate more colors into the design. I wanted to pair some neutrals colors in with the vibrant color, and this artwork bridged that gap! You can find it HERE.

Others Sources:

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