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Design Reveal: Maxwell Home

Walking into this home, I knew immediately that I would have some good bones to work with. The wall paint color was a soothing shade of blueish gray (SW Monorail Silver, for inquiring minds) and I loved that the large window let in so much natural light. At every client meeting for a premier design (my full-service design), we talk through everything! Anything from what is important to you in the space, what stays, what goes, what you're drawn to or inspired by..etc. I really make sure I have a strong handle on exactly it is you're looking for, and likewise...I want you to feel confident and assured that I will create a space you love. This particular client wanted pops of turquoise, and the sectional was the only thing that she wanted to see stay. Through sharing her inspiration, I could sense her overall love was for modern farmhouse with a pull to transitional design as well.

Transitional Design: When traditional and modern meet in the middle...you find transitional. Furniture pieces, finishes, materials, and fabrics are things that aren't overly trendy in any direction...as to stay neutral and TRANSITION through time. Neutral colors. straight lines. TIMELESS.

Here are the BEFORE pictures:

Right away, my thoughts started turning: "It needs a rug to anchor the space (yes, even on carpet-- you need a rug!)" "The focal point (the fireplace) needs a facelift." "Lets swap out some furniture pieces to match their style."

I created a simple mood board (I don't get as involved as a room design because I don't really need to) and a budget for them.

Here was the game plan:

I wanted to keep the turquoise flowing through their space while using wood tones and neutrals to keep the pops of bold color from overpowering the room. Lately, Covid has given almost every design some sort of a hiccup...this space was the curtains. I had to swap those out for something else. Not a huge deal..I ended up loving the swapped out ones as well.

Here are the AFTER pictures:

Hold your scroll. DO YOU SEE THAT RUG?! Those Curtains?! It's everything this space never knew it needed!!

Can you even believe how amazing these cabinets are?! You'll never guess from where. Keep reading!

What I love most about this space, I think, is how the love for turquoise shines through the design, but is subtle enough to not distract your eyes from looking around. It allows for the whole room to be seen.

Let's talk small details:

I was REALLY excited when I found this greenery stem from Hobby Lobby. DREAMY. It's very organic looking.
Another Hobby Lobby Snag...these knobs are subtle + substantial. I love it.
I toned down the amount of "things" on the console table. Less is more here.
A floor plant is always a YES in my book..and the subtle color palette of the artwork paired perfectly!
New, fresh throw pillows create an invitation to come in and sit down. BLISS.
The shelves were really hard to capture..the sun was hitting them just right. But here you can get a peek!



  1. RUG









What shocked you the most? Was it the source of the cabinets? I know finding a solid wood option that fit like a GLOVE made me super giddy.

Have I sold you on rugs on carpet, finally? The difference is night and day here---wouldn't you say?!

Thanks for following along, all!

Can't wait for the next reveal!

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