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Design Reveal: The Finn Library

The LONG AWAITED design reveal of the library is HERE, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you all!

The before photos are honestly just the bare bones. My clients selected furniture pieces for the room, but needed help making the room come to life.

Here are the before pictures:




Special thanks to: MINA GEORGE FILMS


And here are some of the beautiful captures of the after:

The library vision brought to life. SWOON.

The fireplace PULLS you in for more!
The fine details count. Here, I selected color photos to pull out the richness of the room.

The sunshine in this space was mesmerizing, creating the invitation to sit and enjoy!
Organizing the books by groupings of color creates a polished feel.


The Fine Details


I couldn't be more obsessed with the beauty of this single floral stem. The bookshelves absolutely steal the show, but this fireplace no doubt invites you inside. Less is more for this stunner 8 foot long fireplace. I really wrestled adding MORE books on the right...but once I set them up there...it just made sense. It sets the tone.

While I like the brass + glass elements that my clients selected, it was important to help find a balance for them. Too much glass can make a space feel empty, and on the flip side...adding glass can make your room feel more spacious. So, I made sure to select decor for the coffee table that were solid + substantial with the cement bowl being the center piece of it all.

To create a steadiness to the beauty of the emerald sofa, I used texture instead of color for the pillows. There is so much color behind the sofa (in the books), that adding more color would have been an overload on the eyes.

As I'm sure you imagine, there is an art to filling the bookcases correctly. I don't share that in a way to toot my own horn, I share to teach you--to invite you to pause at this picture as see what I mean.

If I had filled the bookcases with only rows of vertical placed books--it would have been like walking into a public library. (Hard no, there) Instead, I needed to find balance in the other elements I chose AND how I placed them. Notice there are three rows that are almost all filled with vertical books. That is so that it creates the library FEEL, without the library look----That was important. But in addition, row 2, 3, and 5 have books AND DECOR with all of those books being stand alone groupings. This openness allows for the eyes to focus on individual shelves. Doing that, I balanced the decor elements out. Look how things are dispersed: Greens...Stone elements...Frames...gold...by finding that flow I've invited the eye to span across the shelves. And let me just be transparent...that even as a designer I still had to step back MULTIPLE times and evaluate the situation. I overbought, played around with what I had until it was right, and then returned what wasn't needed.

Again, finding that balance with "solid" pieces to combat the glass. The art is an understated but enjoyable piece and I love the way the edge of the canvas pairs with the flooring color--a small detail delight.

I absolutely LOVED the challenge of a new type of space to design. The library project was such a thrill. I love the balance of the dark wood and moody walls...combined with the light and bright gold and glass. For me, the small details always bring me the most joy. Give me a massive bookcase to fill, or pillows to select any day. I'm so thankful to get to share this project with you and as always I am beyond grateful that you choose to follow along!

Stay safe, friends!






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