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Downtown Lofted Living- Part 1

There's something about a bold move in life; a big change. I love the quote,"Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone." That is such a accurate reflection of our latest client and their families decision to sell their house with a yard, and move into a lofted apartment. I know we were both super curious...Is there enough space? Can it be done with a young kids? Will the stairs make it hard each day? We were BLOWN away with how easy and natural it feels when you set foot inside. The bones of their newly renovated apartment are just GORGEOUS. The 12 foot ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and neutral paint selection was the perfect backdrop for us to get started.

Here is what the apartment looked like as they moved in, and started to get situated:

And here it is now!

The TV was mounted on the wall and paired with a wood cabinet. In a room with ceilings of average height, this would of been an inviting and warm piece. However, because of the grandness these ceilings evoked, the piece was just too small for such a large wall:

We catered to completing the wall not only going making a selection that was wider, but also a taller wall unit that draws your eye up. (And shhh!! Our little secret is that this is an IKEA piece! )

Can you even??

The old TV stand was a much better selection to fill out a wall in the dining area. It had great length which is perfect to be used as a buffet. It's top can be used when entertaining, or simply decorated for an easy, everyday look.

We continued to play off of the living room's color scheme since the loft is so open concept and the rooms flowed into one another.

Pro Tip: When filling a wall, pay attention to scale. These pieces were substantial on their own but in a space with such large walls, using multiples filled the space out without being to cluttered or busy.

We went super simple with this everyday elegant table setting. We loved the lanterns as a centerpiece, allowing your view to continue right on through out the large windows.

When we first met with our client, she kept stating how she wanted their new loft to really exude a feeling of home. She wanted to feel welcomed upon entering the door, and for that feeling to carry throughout and spill over onto any guest to come through the door.

Again, note the tall ceilings. With so much space, it is easy to feel small; for a room or home to feel cold.

At M+B, we remedy that by drawing your eye up, adding personal touches, textures and lots of life with plants!

Here is what they walked into before we got our hands on the entryway: