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Downtown Lofted Living-Part 2: Boys Room

Last week, we shared our downtown lofted living space for you guys, and today we are super excited to share yet another room in their home!

In case you missed Part One, we revealed this open-concept lofted living space (find it here):

In addition to their living spaces, we also styled their shared boys room. When apartment living, maximizing the space you have is key. We needed to offer up both a place to play and a place to sleep, while still keeping it all organizing + neat.

Here is the boys room before we started:

The boys were definitely in need of an upgrade to a big boy look from their nursery furniture. There are always such sweet memories of those baby years but we know lots of memories are to come. We wanted a space that would grow with them.


Trundle beds offer an apartment living hack by providing additional space for guests.

We wanted the boys to immediately feel that this was THEIR room! The giant portraits over their new beds were a fun way to welcome them into the new space and a simple way to personalize their area of the room.

Before: opposite side of the room

Again, these towering ceilings really made the room feel cavernous. We wanted it to feel warm and cozy, inviting. We didn't want to have such great space go un-utilized.

Same wall but AFTER!

When designing for a child, you have to keep that child in mind! If this was to be an area for both boys to play, the needed to be able to access their belongings. Low floating storage and floor baskets offered a solution for that purpose. We also did large baskets as storage for easy clean up!

Pro Tip: Younger kids CAN BE great helpers and are willing to clean up if the system is one that they can participate in. Being thoughtful of that when choosing how to store toys is going to only help parents enable their kids to be responsible for their items!

What we love about this wall (aside from how darling it is) is how affordable it was to create! The storage solutions and organizers are all from IKEA or Target. Budget friendly AND beautiful! *swoon*

We upgraded the boys nursery furniture to pieces that could grow up with them. We wanted to keep with the mid-century/modern vibe throughout the rest of the loft. Clean lines and a mix of wood tones throughout the space with the new furniture added warmth and ambiance.

We kept this area simple with an abstract art piece, table lamp and one of their toys acting as decor.

One thing that can take any space to the next level is a statement piece. Whether that is in your furniture, your art work or your lighting, it is a simple way to amp up your style.

Instead of choosing another table lamp for their nightstand, this enamel shade and brass accordion arm fixture really POPS! Literally! That 3-D element is a fun play off the hanging storage crates as well as keeps the nightstand from being bogged down with clutter.

Is there anything sweeter than a set of brothers?? Maybe that cute fox bedding peeping out!

We wanted to make sure that there was ample storage in their room. Like we mentioned earlier, this room was functioning as a place for rest + play and organization was KEY! This nightstand offered a ton of storage for both boys to employ.

Pro Tip: Be conscious of if something can serve dual purpose. Nighstand + storage. Light fixture + statement piece. When an item can serve as a multi-purpose piece, you not only are getting more bang for your buck, but you are adding to your personal design aesthetic.

At M+B, we love a well made bed. We each make our beds every morning because it just sets the tone for a room. And these matching beds definitely ooze with sweetness for their occupants! We love the richness of the blue playing off the burnt orange and dreamy gray. To create this look we used a mix of Crate and Barrel bedding, IKEA bedding, and throw pillows from At Home.

Pro Tip: Skip the bed in a bag! Mix and match to create truly unique bedding reflecting your style!

Another thing we knew we wanted to incorporate in their space was a place to lounge. We imagined them playing on the floor but also grabbing books and cozying up to read with their parents or to each other. We loved the huge window and all the natural light flooding in. It was too beautiful to cover with curtains or obstruct the view in any way.

Instead, we added some snuggly floor pillows from Society 6. The boys can stack them, move them, construct a fort or just chill!

Before, the boys room had tiles together as a rug. And while we love the convenience of that option, especially for a kid's space, we wanted a simpler pattern, more neutral colors and something super soft. We love the varying stripe width and how soft this rug was. It added the right amount of plush and warmth to anchor the room.

We love reading to our kiddos and we knew that this family would enjoy easy access to books before bedtime! There are a TON of ways to organize books but this fun play on the books' color added some extra CHEER to the room. Starting with red to orange and yellow and pulling in each of the colors of the rainbow, grouping them in that way pulled the like colors together creating vibrance in that corner of the room.

Raising little humans is a BIG job so we felt this sweet little sign was the perfect reminder to have them see each day. A great reminder for us all!

Growing up with your built- in best friend, we hoped to create a room that sparks their imagination, creativity, and where endless memories are made!

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