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Family Friendly Decor

In a lot of ways as your family grows, you make changes to accommodate your season of life. When your kids are very young that means making sure you have things picked up and that they can't hurt themselves. As they get older you start to rethink items that could get damaged, stained, or messed up. (Insert "We can't have anything nice!") We convince ourselves that "someday we will get to that next chapter of life" where we can once again make our house #feellikehome.

As crazy as kids and family life can be, M+B wants to encourage you!

You don't have to live in a home that feels sterile because you are defeated by the worry that it will "just get messed up"!

Now you don't come into this encouragement without a #realitycheck of what family life looks like. Both of us have 4 kids of our own. We understand messes and markers and loud and crazy just like the best of us. But we also both firmly believe that while you are embracing parenthood, that you sure should also get to enjoy the house you're creating those memories in!

If you're reading along and think "THIS IS EXACTLY ME! I want to love my kids big, AND have a pretty home!"...well then keep reading! ;)

Idea #1: Chose a weathered table top

Think of the hours that are devoted to your dining room table. At my house, it's homework central and a place to enjoy meals together. Inevitably, it also seems to be a central location for just about anything my kids dream up. The beauty of a weathered top is that it's not only in style, but your kids can BEAT IT UP and they will just be adding to the character. ;) No stressing that your investment piece is being ruined. #familywin

Idea Number 2: Accessible Storage

I know this idea isn't earth shattering--we all know that storage is key. But consider for a moment what would happen in your world if you couldn't ever reach where your stuff goes. What if you couldn't reach the cabinet where your plates go? Or you couldn't hang your clothes in your closet? Total chaos, #amiright? We can't expect our kids to oblige if they don't have the resources. Just about any store you walk into these days has storage options--even the dollar store! Take an afternoon to evaluate one or two ways where you could make this easier for the little people in your lives.

Idea # 3: Tray Decor

Using a tray to style a coffee table, island, or dining table is super practical for family life. During the day you can remove the tray to make daily living easy, and simplistic. Then in the evenings when you want to enjoy a quiet pretty home (Let's all shout an amen for the golden hours of sleeping kids!), or if you are entertaining--it's a quick way to add that touch of "home" back into your space. Easy on, easy off. #familywin

Idea #4: Vintage Inspired rugs

Not every light rug will wear out quickly just because it's a light choice. You will be amazed how much a vintage looking rug can hide. The blended/worn look will work completely to your advantage and you'll be impressed with the wear it will endure. Our favorite website for rug choices is: www.boutiquerugs.com, and you are sure to love their selection of vintage inspired area rugs just as much as we do!

Idea #5: Wall Hooks

It is way easier for a child to hang up a coat, backpack, or towel onto a hook than it is a towel bar or a hanger. Maybe you take the hangers out of your closet and install some hooks, or add a hook into the bathroom for easier access. Look around the house for ways to make hooks the answer to those organization flops! A run to target...and you'll be be on your way!

Idea # 6: Faux Plants

Let's be honest. When you are knee deep into parenting, keeping house plants alive is probably not on the top of your list. ;) Faux plants are where it's at! The best part is they are so incredibly realistic and beautiful! Pair that with the fact that they are completely budget friendly, and you will be happy you added in the life giving element of greenery!

Whatever you life stage, whatever your season, whatever your daily life looks like...don't sell your home decor short! Take one practical tip today, put it into practice, and enjoy the balance that it will establish in your home!

M+B Design

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