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How to Create a Space of Hygge

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Over the past year you may have noticed a new word pop up in design circles to describe a space in a home: hygge. Pronounced hue-guh, this Danish and Norwegian word is used when describing a feeling or sense of coziness and comfortability, a mood of contentment and wellness. Isn't that what we are all seeking to create in the spaces of our home?

Fortunately, there are some really simple ways to incorporate this fast-growing trend in your own home. These five tips will send you on your way to snuggling in and finding peace.

1. Lighting

One thing the hygge trend is not is harsh. The wrong lighting in a room can create an overstimulating and harsh cast that leaves homeowners and guests feeling anything but cozy. A few quick changes can completely eradicate that feeling. M+B suggests limiting overhead light when not necessary. Other light sources, like table or floor lamps + candles (both real and faux) create a sense of warmth in your room. The soft glow from either source invites the occupants to settle in. When choosing bulbs for your lights, look for low wattage or lumens, incandescent versus fluorescent.

Another tip to note in regards to lighting is the power of natural light. There is such a beauty and calm when no light other than natural light is needed. Highlight that with open windows not covered by blinds. Hang curtains high + wide to allow as much light through as possible.

Note all the natural light flooding in through the large bay window. The natural glow created is soft and airy.

In this beautiful farmhouse, overhead lighting was scarce. During the evening hours, these table lamps cast a soft yellow glow in the room making it the perfect space for family and friends to gather.

When you have a fixture with a lot of bulbs, choose a lower watt bulb. We also suggest putting the fixture on a dimmer switch to help create the perfect ambiance.

2. Layers

Just like when dressing in the cold winter months, layers bring a sense of warmth and coziness to a space. Is there anything more comforting then wrapping up in a blanket? When we think of the homes that invite us in and make us want to stay, they are always the homes with effortless layers: the piled up pillows, the strewn about throw, the soft rug under our socked feet.

When you incorporate layers into your room, it really does feel like the room is welcoming you in. The great thing about this concept, it's applicable to any room. Bedrooms, living rooms, even your front porch or patio - layers take a space to the next level!

Literally, every nook on this sectional invites you to hunker down and stay. #hygge

What is better than one cozy throw? TWO cozy throws!

If there is ever a place you want to rest, it is your own bedroom. Don't neglect the very place dedicated to recharging.

Want to cozy up your dining area? Layer up your table. Runners, chargers, napkins and rings. So many styles and possibilities!

As you can see in the above photos, not only were pillows and throws used, but rugs. Even a rug on a carpeted floor. It adds a pop of color, anchors the space and again, amps up the cozy.

3. Texture

In opposition to the hygge movement, are spaces that are seem cold, sterile and monochromatic. So how can one achieve a sense of warmth and comfort even when their color palette is neutral or more one tone? Texture! Differentiating the texture within your space creates such pleasing visual interest. And the possibilities are endless making it easy to add no matter what your design style.

Even something simple like your pillow choice. Note the leather playing off the cream.

Velvet and fur tucked into a wicker basket. Three different textures offer interest to this little nook.

Don't be afraid to mix it up. Different tones and textures lean themselves to the warmth you want to create.

An accent wall is a simple way to add texture without overwhelming your space.

4. Greens

In a space that works to create contentment and coziness, the natural element plant life brings is a simple way to add nature in your space. Thankfully, there are so many great faux options if keeping plants alive is not in your wheelhouse.

Long stemmed, succulents, potted... there really is a plant for every space in your home!

5. Simplify and Eliminate Clutter

There is nothing cozy about sitting in a room that makes you feel claustrophobic. The less is more principle is always true but especially when trying to create a place of hygge. The things in your space should bring you joy. So if it causes stress, extra work or doesn't serve a purpose, consider eliminating it from your room by either getting rid of it or stowing it away unseen.

Some tips to consider are clearing off shelves and table tops of too many items. The rule of three is a good one to follow. We also encourage residents to do a simple clean out at least twice a year. Ask yourself why you have the item: is it helpful/functional, is it something of sentimental value, could it serve it's purpose better elsewhere? Often we hold onto things we really don't need just because the task of getting rid of things is so overwhelming. By consciously setting aside time a few times a year to go through items in your home, the project becomes more manageable.

This table top didn't need much. It was in a playroom so the purpose was to allow blank space so it could be used to create and play!

These beautiful shelves are kept classical with just a few simple elements.

Less is more. A centerpiece doesn't always have to be fussy. This large bowl filled with greens is enough to stand alone. The basket underneath is great to store remotes or other items that need hidden.

A nightstand can be just that, a nightstand. It doesn't need to house all your possessions on top. If you want things within reach, choose an option that has storage.

Whether or not you are wanting to jump on the hygge train, these tips can help you make your home a space where family and friends want to gather, where you can escape the stress of the day and enjoy your time at home.

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