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If you missed it...I'VE GOT NEWS!

Awhile back I participated in a tile challenge where I transformed my kitchen from serious DRAB...to FAB in 6 WEEKS! It was totally bananas--but also so rewarding and WORTH IT! (you can see the final reveal HERE)

SOOO- When I got asked to do it again I WAS ALL IN!!

You know the drill. 6 WEEKS!! I. ONLY. HAVE. SIX. WEEKS! (Just typing that makes me tired!) But this time? My laundry room. I'll be duking it out against a group of amazing fellow DIY-ers + designers to renovate my laundry room as part of the ALL-STAR TILE CHALLENGE. <insert the Rocky theme song here>

Do I look like an ALL STAR? ;)

So while we have all been a part of a past challenge (hence, the ALL-STARS...there's a small change...this time the winner is chosen based on FAN VOTES.

Meaning: if you are reading this, you can vote for me to help me win....FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

No, that's not a typo. $5,000!!! FIVE THOUSSSSS-AND.

I'm motivated. I'm determined. and I'm EXCITED!!

And I think this is the part where I'm supposed to write where no matter what happens I'll still have fun. But guys...I'm got my game face on!

ARE YOU READY TO SEE my embarrassing BEFORE photos?

I always want to show you the nitty-gritty. There was no sugar-coating these before pics. I am KEEPING IT REAL for you. So promise to be kind, mmkay? ;)


YEP. Mountain of laundry and all.

And if I'm totally taking it back from when we first bought the house..here is what it looked like when we bought our home less than 2 years ago:

The sticky carpet tiles were the death of us. We moved in during the summer into a house that had NO air conditioning. (so thankful that's not our reality anymore!) SO MANY sweaty hours spent working. (My husband shown here..about to die from the heat of the steamer..LOL!) We then knocked out the half wall and closet, and tiled the floor just in time for a puppy to join our lives:

He probably looks huge to most, but he's 100 lbs now! (Newfie-doodle, for inquiring minds)

We bought a new washer and dryer...and converted what had originally been a laundry room (then a bedroom...hence the purple walls) back into a functional space for us...a laundry room on the main floor!!

So for those who think I knock out projects left and right...let this be PROOF that

that is NOT always true. HAHA!! Have we come far? Sure. But we've got along ways to go!

AND WE HAVE SIX WEEKS!!!! We. Because you're a part of this now. ;)

Here's the GAME PLAN:

I want to make a BIG IMPACT on the wall behind the washer and dryer. It needs a wow factor! I'm going with Balancing Act tile (HERE) because it offers that BIG pattern I'm wanting. We are adding some cabinets for storage and because the room is big for what it is. You actually walk through our laundry room to enter our sun porch..so I imagine using the countertop for setting up food spreads when having friends over in the summer time! (You have to have the s'mores supplies ready to grab, am I right?!) Above the countertop I'm adding in a herringbone backsplash (HERE) called Jet Stream. Both patterns are from Jeffrey Court and are available at Home Depot.

I'll be building a board and batten wall treatment for coat + backpack storage, making a laundry room sign, swapping out the ugly light, and painting...AGAIN. There is so much white...I want to go darker with my color choice! So I'm trying out Heritage Park (HERE) from Behr! So now that you've journeyed with me to this point...

Let me share what I've done SO FAR!

The first order of business was to swap out the AWFUL, BORING ceiling fixture for something with a little more POP! My rockstar husband swapped that out for me in no time:


Then, I decided if I wanted to have a floating shelf, I was going to need to build it, and QUICKLY. Since I chose to have a FULLY tiled wall, I need to know exactly where I'm going to have to tile around. So, I followed THESE PLANS from Shanty 2 Chic to guide me in building the shelf.

Here's what I ended up with:

The wall bracket attaches to the studs in the wall, and then the box slides onto it. It creates that "floating" look you're wanting by hiding the support inside the box. Eventually I'll get to staining it..but for now, I know it fits. And I ALSO now have something I can tile around.

Here it is on the wall:

Can you picture it?! The tile is going to be so so good!!! Of course I had to lay out a few pieces just to get an idea of what was to come!!

YOU GUYS!! This next week is going to be SO FUN!! I cannot wait to bring this wall to LIFE!!



(And I KNOW you've got my back!!)

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