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Industrial Teen Boy Bedroom

At M+B, there are eight kids between our two families. And out of those kids, we are seven deep in boys! So designing a space for a boy is not new territory for either of us.

What is new territory is designing a space for a TEEN boy!

When I met with our client, she wanted to surprise her son with a room redo as part of his Christmas. She told me about her son's interests and likes and what she hoped his room could become for him.

His old room was a bed, a small nightstand and a papasan style chair sporting the emblem of his favorite baseball team. (See what I did there? Ha!)

An upgrade was definitely overdue! I selected some furniture for the client's son's space which she gifted to him for Christmas. What he didn't know was that the redo didn't end there!

I spent some time selecting personal elements and finishing touches to really bring the room together.

One thing Emily and I always try to achieve when designing a space for our clients is a design that will stand the test of time. I wanted this room to be a room he could easily transition from his days of high school to visits back home from college.

Timeless Tip

Classic lines, statement pieces that are well loved and traditional linens are always going to keep a room on trend. It also makes switching out other elements easy in the future.

He has a really great layout and quite a bit of wall space. What I didn't want to happen was every wall to feel cluttered. I wanted his room to reflect his personality and be a place he could relax with friends and do homework. These large, 18 inch laser cut metal letters were a really unique way to add personality to his room. Their large size and simplicity made a statement without being too busy!

There is nothing better than hanging out with your friends and having ample space in your room to do that is a bonus. This futon is a serious classic. From the great material and shape to being a comfortable piece, it adds such a grown up element to the room. It easily is a piece that move right into a first apartment in the future!

Every young man needs a work space. Adding a desk to his room was a no-brainer. He also had a lot of collectibles and baseball memorabilia that was special to him. To give him a place to display those items, I stained some floating shelves and added industrial metal brackets.

This desk has a great work-top space! The distressed leather office chair aligned with the classic choices in the rest of the room.

The room had this little alcove that was the perfect spot to house a dresser. Gone are the days of needing a matching bedroom set that includes "all ____ pieces!" Never be afraid to mix and match your furniture. It creates interest and character in a space and also helps the room from becoming dated too quickly.

Another detail in the above shot is the large wood sign. When I was talking with my client, she mentioned that her son loved sports and she thought a motivational quote or scripture would be a decor accent that we could incorporate.

I knew I wanted something unique that wasn't cliche. I also knew that I wanted it to be something that would offer encouragement. I thought of my boys (and daughter) and Emily's boys and all the conversations we have had as moms and this quote just hit me right in the gut. Is there anything better than raising our kids to stand out and stand up to be exactly who they were created to be? It is definitely one of my favorite elements we've ever added to a space.

Simple. Classic. Authentically boy-inspired.


Be a Voice Wood Sign

Sooner Stadium Sign


Blackout Curtains

Office Chair


Laser Cut Letters



Framed Flag Art

Dresser Lamp

Wall Brackets

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