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It's the FINAL REVEAL, baby!

Do you ever hear a quote that feels like it instantly touches your heart? When I read this, it touched my spirit in such a deep way. Not in a prideful way, but of a humble heart. If this blog post could shout like a mega phone I would want the world to hear me say that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO! Don't be afraid to mess up!! Don't be crippled by the fear of imperfection. Because just like the words read...not one expert learned without stepping over into the world of "let's TRY!" This challenge pushed me to into that so many times, and I'm grateful.

This week--YOU GUYS!! I pushed myself to the very end. I truly gave it my all! I came back around to tie up every loose end...and I'm not even kidding...when I was weary and rocking' little sleep...I could feel you all pushing me forward. You all are the VERY BEST!


Let's recap the week ...


The tile was what was making me most anxious going into the week..I think having JUST tiled the big wall and also knowing that everything takes longer than you think...I was eager to get started.

I have used almost 2 F-U-L-L rolls of frog tape over the course of this renovation....and it's been so nice that the yellow roll is made for "delicate" surfaces...because basically everything was delicate along the way. Newly painted walls...newly sealed counters...freshly grouted tile...you name it and that delicate tape was along for the ride. You can grab your own HERE.

Using some garbage bags and frog tape I covered my countertops and got to work. I started on the left side and made my way over covering the wall first with the big sheets. I used (these) beautiful dome pieces to define my open edges. (both between the cabinets and at the right end of the countertop) They worked beautifully to make a GORGEOUS defined line....I'm so glad I added these into the design.

Once it was all up, I was thinking I would use the wet saw to fill it all in...but other than the dome trim, it worked way better to use the tile nipper. (here) You can see below how I was slowly snapping off pieces to fill in the edges:

Once it was all up, I waited 24 hours for it all to dry, and started to grout. I went with the same gray grout as the other tile because we love it so much. Notice the amazing difference as I grout it:

If your adhesive squeezes through the cracks, make sure you wipe it out so that your grout has room to be pressed in.

As that dried...I switched gears--and started to paint the sign I had planned for over the washer + dryer. Do you remember my vision? (Can you see how dark it is? I legit think I started at like 12:30am...#crunchtime) I love the little sample pots you can snag at Home Depot because they are perfect for small crafty-type projects!

For my sign I used: Hailstorm Gray, Euro Gray, + Black Locust

Here are some other things I finished up:

I finished painting all the trim, and worked on the area for my laundry carts and drink fridge to slide into. More Frog Tape...green this time. I gave Behr Cabinet + Trim Enamel paint (HERE) a try for the first time. My first thought was that it seemed super thin (I was doubting how much I'd like it...but after it dried I was a FAN! The thin paint makes it glide right on, and it cured nice and solid. #wouldrecommend

I had it tinted to the color: FROST

Ok, Friends. Have I kept you in suspense long enough?!

I poured my whole self into this, you guys...and I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!

I hope you enjoy this room as much as I do!




A huge thank you to Behr Paint + Frog Tape for their generosity in sponsoring this challenge

And of course, an immense thank you to Jeffrey Court Tile for their generosity + sponsorship, as well. The tiles they produce are top-notch, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having this tile in my home.

I love that you can peep all THREE tiles I used in this shot!

B E F O R E + A F T E R S

Finally, a HUGE thank you to ALL. OF. YOU!

Each and every one of your votes means

the W O R L D to me!

Once again, you can vote for me until THIS SUNDAY 7/12/20 at 11:59pm


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