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Kitchen Rennovation-Week 1

About a month ago, we moved our big ol' family of six from Decatur, IL to Wauwatosa, WI where my husband took a new job. The housing market was and is absolutely crazy. Homes go up for sale, and are sold in a matter of day or two! After searching the listings for months, we landed on a two-story house with 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths.

My crazy fun crew of boys and I, on closing day.

It had just enough space for all of us, it was in a great neighborhood, and was in our price range. The perfect combination to say- YES! And, if you follow along with M+B Design, then you know that my good friend Bekah and I are interior designers who work together in the midwest. So when we compiled the list of wants + needs for the renovation checklist, I knew I would be up for the challenge of the design side of things. The kitchen rennovation was just what I needed to keep busy and stay focused from such a big move. Both that and the flooring quickly became our #1 priorities. Here is the lovely before of what we started with:

Yikes! You gotta love that flooring!

So here we are. A complete look at what was, and what's to come! I'm super excited to be able to partner with Jeffrey Court tile to help bring this baby back up a few decades, and to take you guys along for the ride. We have big plans to update it to its full potential, and to make this space into a place that absolutely #feelslikehome. I dream of cooking dinner in here + and hosting friends, and doing it all while loving the space I'm in. I mean if you're going to have to cook for an army everyday you'd better enjoy being in your kitchen, #amiright ? ;)

Here is what you can expect to see in the weeks to come:

-demo of the hood range, and the upper cabinets over the stove

-Updated flooring

-New countertop + Jeffrey Court tile backsplash

-A new Elkay sink + faucet

-Painted + redone cabinets including new handles and pulls

-Jeffrey Court tile on the outside of the pennisula

-A new flat top slide in range

-A new light fixture

-The final M+B finishing touches

I'm so jazzed up + excited for all that's to come, and to use this platform as a way to include you all in the process! 6 WEEKS. EEK! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds, to get busy working on the design, and to get my hands right into the laboring part of it!



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