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M+B Tablecloth Curtain Hack

Curtains can be an expensive purchase, especially if you have multiple windows to cover in one room. If money was endless, I would change out curtains + bedding ALL THE TIME. Some of you reading may think that that's a crazy idea, or maybe you totally understand where I'm coming from. It's quick switches like that, that can suppress the itch to make a big design change (or at least for a little while!).

A few years ago I was out shopping for Christmas Decor, and a wild-hair idea turned into quite the cute little hack. When looking for a tablecloth to layout over my table, I was paying attention to what size I would need to buy. I noticed that there was some seriously long ones! That was the "ah-ha" moment for me! "I wonder if I could use these as curtains?!" I brought a set home, and they worked like a charm!

Now, I have a stash of tablecloths that I use for curtains at Christmas. I love the extra unexpected touch of cheer they bring! Here's how I added them into my son's room:

A few pops of red + some greenery were all it took to make his room a little more festive!

So, here's how YOU can do it!

First- you'll have to add some curtain clip rings to your rods, if you don't already have them. (You can find them next to the curtain rods at the store) They come in coordinating metals to match your rods:

Once you've slid the rings onto your existing rod, you can use the clips to pin up the tablecloth:

It's literally so easy! AND- the tablecloth is usually less expensive than a curtain panel! #winwin

While I was out today, I snagged a picture of a few tablecloths that I would totally use for curtains:

And here are the stock photos so you can get a better view:

I love the Christmas plaid in a neutral room to bring a pop of FUN into your room. And if that you're not dying to make a statement, the white + silver plaid is an elegant way to refresh your space, as well. The middle curtain makes for an adorable option for a modern farmhouse lover, or for a boys room!

So there ya have it, friends! Who's running to go check out their stash of tablecloths? ;)

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