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Master Bedroom Reveal: From Red To Radiant

The ache for home is in all of us. A safe place where we can come and go, and not be questioned.

As we evolve, our homes evolve too. So when your home starts to feel like you're missing that cozy touch you long for....change your plan. Change your plan, but never your goal: to design a house that feels like home.

This master bedroom hadn't been updated in several years, and it was time for some changes. With a client who was very open-minded to change-- it was refreshing to talk through a game plan with her. Unfortunately, we don't have a great before picture (she was on her A game and had it all cleared out and ready for me), but I can show you just a small collection of ALL THE RED (and a tiny peek of the red oak!)that was dating this space:

While it may be tempting to grab a cute micro pillow, it can quickly clutter a bed. Try to stick to traditional sizing!

I've been talking so much lately about how providing you with a game plan can be just the thing you need to get your wheels turning.

And let me tell you-- this reveal is most definitely brought to you by a motivated client who was ready to rock her M+B Homework! We started with an initial consultation where we discussed priorities, budget, and timeline. I gave her some initial things to look for and purchase ("her homework"), and I would I came back to discuss and make final decisions. So for example, she bought several bedding sets/bedding layers, brought home some wallpaper books, and bought choices for several areas. I would make the final selections for her (or occasionally send her out for something else), and then she moved onto the next round of choices. She painted both her armoire, and her dresser...after a paint color consult...you get the idea. And every time we met...layer by layer...her room came together that much more.

I styled + installed everything we had worked on collectively, and here is the result of some pretty amazing teamwork:


FROM RED TO RADIANT, my friends:

Neutral on neutral done SO right. Do you feel me?

This mirror shot brings all the cozy feels! It makes you want to snuggle right in!

Can you even with the wallpaper?

If I may just step on my soapbox for a minute:


Now, hear me out. I'm not saying you have to go bananas. You don't need to have a whole house of regret in 5 years. But wallpaper is NOT LIKE THE PAST. It is literally worlds better in quality, and remove-ability. (I think I just made up a word ;) It also can be semi-permanent. (Insert people who LOVE change!) Peel and stick paper is user + install friendly, affordable, and easy to remove. This wall is such a showstopper because this wallpaper is now showcasing a work of art. Total elevation!

And don't hate me. But while I'm up on this hypothetical soapbox, I have one more. ;)


If the verdict is still out on this for you, let me sway your decision in this image:

A rug anchors your space. It holds HUGE importance, and is rarely something I would skip in a design.

Ok, ok. Soapbox saga over. ;)


Let's chat small details:

The way the gold and acrylic lamp bases mimic the mirror is radiant.
Keeping with the neutral vibes, I chose a white curtain rod as "homework". The button detailing aligns with the sophisticated design aesthetic.
Frequently Asked Question: How long should my curtains be? Answer: Your curtains should kiss the ground.
Three is always welcome. Big, middle, little created nice balance here.
Easy Pillow Styling: Euros. Sleeping. Shams. Showstopper.
This piece is JUST INCREDIBLE. The detail. The hardware. The new paint. STUNNING!

Here's one last look...

Cheers to 'coming home' being one of the most beautiful things. May your home be where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends.


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