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Mindfully creating a kid space

When designing a space around children, there are so many things to consider. Can it be designed in a way that allows them the freedom to play? Can I create storage that will help things look more put together and purposeful? Can their space be integrated into my own design aesthetic? Should I let them have a say in designing their own space?

The answer to all of those questions is simply, yes. Each family has different goals for their kid spaces, which is what makes each home so unique. What is incredible about home decor is there are SO MANY OPTIONS. We fully believe that you can mindfully design a space around children, that will result in both a darling environment, and one of functionality.

We've put together some tips + suggestions on how we think you can bring joy + life into those spaces, while mindfully considering what would best suit their personalities.

Color Selection

Here we chose a shade of turquoise with some yellow accents to create a bright + cheery vibe. Balance was achieved by incorporating the muted map, and stained wooden crates. Consider your paint selections when designing a space for kids. Your color doesn't have to steal the show, but it can provide a good base to your room. If you're more drawn to neutrals, you can pull color back in with your accent decor.

Personalized items

As adults, we may not always be super stoked with the vision our kids have as you start to talk about design. Adding in personal touches can be tricky when you want to balance their ideas with yours. The best way we have found to balance that, is by thinking outside of the box! Here we framed some pictures of this client's daughter's "favorite things", but used a frame that would look good with the design of her room:

You can see that this kiddo loves star wars, but by using neutral colors, it was a compromised design.

Consider their age

You can't design a space around a 3 year old that only a 10 year old could possibly keep orderly. And also, designing a more grown up environment for a 13 year old girl, will be a dream for her! By considering their age, you will provide them with an area that they love to spend time in.

We designed this space for a 13 year old's birthday. It was an amazing surprise to be a part of!

Provide them with storage

Let's face it. Proper storage is KEY. If there is a place for things to be put away, it helps to increase independence + organization for your kids!

See through storage makes an easy way for kids to see where craft supplies go!

This storage solution is easily accessible, and welcomes independence!

Photographs + Artwork

Adding their own creations can make a child feel so included in the project. Consider adding a place for them to display their artwork, or building a shelf for their special creations. If they are really into jewelry...provide a place to hang it up. If you have lego lovers...maybe have a shelf for their favorite creations. The possibilities are endless, and the inclusiveness it sure to make your kids fall in love!

Photo displays provide a fun way to express yourself!

We want to see your kid spaces! If you have a playroom or a child's bedroom that you LOVE, tag us so we can check it out!

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