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Modern Transitional Living Room

Hello again, friends! It has been so busy these past few weeks for M+B and we are filled with gratitude for each opportunity we have to help beautify a space in one of your homes! There is nothing better!

We can't wait to share this project with you all. It's different from much of our other work and we love that we can show you another facet of design.

Earlier this summer, Rachael contacted us about doing a Premier Design in their living room. Her family was moving to a new home and she wanted help bringing this space to life. As with all of our premier projects, we were sent photos of the room to help us begin to plan our ideas and vision.

Here is the room:

The client's knew they wanted the room to be painted right away. From reviewing their tastes and preferences based on our questionnaire, I recommended the room be painted a light greige from Sherwin Williams called Crushed Ice.

Side note: One thing Emily and I pride ourselves on is being able to offer our clients flexibility. Although this process began in the summer, we wanted to honor our client's timeline of getting the space painted upon moving in, getting settled a bit and then having M+B come in to complete the look. We both are always happy to work with each individual to meet their timeline and needs.

At our initial meeting, I chatted with Rachael and her husband about the plans for the living room. Hearing their opinions and preferences, it was clear that a transitional style would best suit their needs. Transitional style can take on many different design styles but at it's core is based off a timelessness that will carry, or transition, from one design trend to the next. The main priorities expressed from the clients was a room that family and friends could gather in but would also "have a WOW factor".

With ceiling height, windows and large wall space, wow factor was definitely not going to be hard to deliver on, amiright??

To give the family functionality until it was time for the project to commence, I assisted them in choosing two sofas that would serve in the layout plan we had discussed. The sofa choice definitely lent itself to the overall transitional look the room would have in both shape, color and detail.

As I began to shop for their space, my main focus was the large wall surface areas. Emily and I hadn't yet worked on a project with so many wall areas that could handle such large pieces. Once I found those components, the other elements of the room came together quite seamlessly.

I was updating Emily on this project (as we do with one another now, working on projects in our respective states and collaborating often) and we realized her husband would be in town for a conference the same time I would be styling. We NEVER miss an opportunity to work together!!

With accent furniture already put together and placed, Emily and I's first task was to place the large canvases over the built ins. Fortunately for me, the taller half of our partnership was there to style because we needed every inch to get the canvases up.

If I am being transparent, I underestimated the impact these art pieces would have on the space. It wasn't until they were up and we stepped back that we both knew the wow factor our clients had been wanting was just taken up a notch. We were giddy to move on with all the finishing touches a space needs.

We really love how this room turned out. From the different style, to the pops of blue, we are excited to share it with you!

Here is the family's view when they walk into their living room now:

The view straight on...

I love that the clients were open to replacing the ceiling fan with a chandelier.

A bird's eye view...

And let's not forget the large wall space above the kitchen entrance...

This feature of iron and antiqued glass was another favorite.

In a room that has such height and grandeur, it is important to remember to add warmth. That was achieved through layers of texture, greens, and lots of natural light.

Stacked baskets filled with cozy throws and pillows add warmth and invite guests to sit and stay.

It is easy to see a large room and think, "I need a lot to fill the space," but truly choosing simple, timeless pieces create a much more interesting and peaceful space. When shopping, I went with a less is more approach when it came to the details.

There was one final wall that needed attention. The wall that led into the master suite felt part of the living room space. I had intended on doing a grid gallery but when seeing the wall, Emily mentioned putting them in one row. I quickly caught her vision and it is one of our favorite galleries. It makes such a statement and is so sweet to see their family photos all lined up.

What do you think? Are you in love like we are? Thanks for checking out our latest project! We love sharing with you!!

- M+B Design

M+B Design Project Source List

Couches: Ashley Furniture

Coffee Table Ottoman: Wayfair

Wicker Ottomans: Wayfair

Rug: Boutique Rugs

Chandelier: Ballard Designs

Artwork: Great Big Canvas

Mirrors: Wayfair

Console Table: Wayfair

Side Table: Wayfair

Built in Decor: HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby

Pillows: HomeGoods

Throws: HomeGoods and Pottery Barn

Small decor and accessories: HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby and Target

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