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Old Dresser--New found love.

Picking out things for other people day in and day out makes me find that it takes a LOT for me to be GLUED to a piece of furniture or decor. I tend to feel that most things in my own house I could swap out at any point and not feel super sad about it. It's also part of my personality, too, I suppose. I don't feel sad mostly because I wouldn't mind starting all over and enjoying the process on repeat. (I guess that's why I love my job!) But the fun part of that is that when something makes me GUSH, it's an easy YES. When you know, you know, am I right?

I was scrolling Facebook marketplace a few months back when I had a "swoon" moment. I saw a dresser that was one-of-a-kind. It stopped me in my scroll and I immediately inquired with the seller.

A few short hours later I was the proud owner of......


I snagged this for $75!!!

I came to the conclusion right away that I was going to sand down the whole thing... but full transparency..I was a bit nervous. Here is what I knew for sure (and what I would encourage you to think about): I knew I didn't love the stain as it was....but I also loved the X design and didn't want to see that go. (And when I say love, I actually mean OB-SESSED.) My first choice was to sand and re-stain but I was admittedly nervous to do so because I didn't want to ruin the X's. The middle row is 3-D, but the others are flush. Would sanding it ruin that somehow? But then I ALSO knew that I would never love it if I left it as is. The wood stain had to go! So I decided it was worth the risk to TRY. Worst case scenario was Plan B...which was to paint it. Don't let the fear of DIY stop you from TRYING!

Look at what was underneath that red-tone!!

Is that not just CRAZY? My Plan A worked!! I starting slowly to be sure..but sanding it did't ruin the integrity of any part of it! Boo yah! I was super thankful because I REALLY didn't want to cover any of it up with paint.

Because I knew I was planning to add either a new base or new legs to the dresser, I pulled off the old chunky base and used that piece of wood to experiment stain options with. I tried all my old faithful combinations and nothing was speaking to me at all. The problem was that the red tone wanted to creep back in, and made everything red-toned. NOT what I was going for...and was one of those "what now?!" moments.

I wish I could tell you I had some reason behind my next move..but it was more of a "what's the worst that could happen?" mentality. haha! I decided to take some white paint I had on hand, water it down, and whitewash everything as a first layer:

LEFT: white wash layer RIGHT: sanded

Here you can see as I progressed to getting more of the white wash on:

I wish I documented more of the next few steps...but I then did a super quick + light layer of provincial stain by Minwax (one of my favs!) Dab it on the paper towel, lightly spread it on, and quickly take a dry paper towel and wipe it off. So basically the whitewash was my neutral base, and then this gave it back the wood tone. I also rebuilt some new legs--to make it taller (I'm 5'11" and my husband is 6'3") + just help give it a more modern look!

With the initial whitewash paint layer down..and then mixed with the stain, I was FINALLY getting that dreamy finish I had envisioned. SCORE!

The last step was adding a little bit of character. Ya'll know my love runs deep for Roommates Wallpaper ...I figured why not have a little fun?! I snagged a roll of water color herringbone paper (HERE) <-----You're going to want to click that link when you see this:

Doesn't it look like it was meant to be? SWOON!

If you want to snag some of this awesome peel + stick paper, you can use code: MBHOME15 for 15% off!

Here's the finished look:

And here is the Before + After:

I think the most fun thing about re-doing an old piece is allowing that piece to SHINE. I now have that one-of-a kind piece that makes me smile every time I see it! A little muscle + hustle goes a long way!

What's one piece in your home you can give a little love? Pull out your sandpaper or that extra paint and make some magic, friends!

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