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One showstopper...coming right up!

I am GIDDDDDYYYYYY to share what I've been up to!!

At the end of last week, I had just dipped my toes in my laundry room renovation (HERE). Did you guys see me build the floating shelf?

Well THIS week I've crushed this feature wall. It's absolutely the POP I wanted...and that it NEEDED.

Here's how the week began:

It's a cord jungle back there...not even kidding. It would be nice to have just unplugged everything for good...but let's be real. I've got 4 kids and that washer is running NON-STOP. There's a reason why I got the max capacity set! LOL.

The most important part in starting a tile job, is making sure your very first row is LEVEL. I cannot stress this ENOUGH! If you don't have a level first row, the rest of your wall/project will be OFF. I climbed through this hot mess, and got started! Before I knew it...I was on my way...

Ok, so a few things to notice in this photo: 1) Do you see why it's important that everything stays level? Each row fits into the next...so I would have had a slanted MESS if I didn't start it off the right way. 2) Can you see now why I needed to build the shelf FIRST? Now I can tile around it, and when I'm done...I can slide the box back on. 3) I am only focused right now on putting on the "big" pieces...I will have to go back and add in all the small cuts to finish this giant puzzle.

Each day I just tried to get a little bit more done....

My husband is 6'3", so when I got to the tippy top, I called him in to help. I would "butter" the pieces with tile adhesive, and he would pop them up! It's always so fun to rope him into my DIY fun. ;) And on a high note...I've got ALL the FULL pieces up that are possible! That felt so good to get done!!!

It was on to the wet saw cuts...WAH WAAAAAA. ;) This isn't hard, it's just WAYYYYY slower progress than the full tiles. You have to find the right part of the tile, cut it out using an exact knife (they come all held together with netting as one big piece), cut it on the wet saw, butter it with adhesive, and stick it in. Then repeat that 1,000 times. It's like a DIY jigsaw puzzle. HAHA!

Cut out the piece I need. Cut it with the saw. Slap on the adhesive. Push into Place. REPEAT.


Here's where we ended on the tile this week:

On one hand, I'm so excited for what I accomplished this week, and on the other hand I'm so nervous for what I had left to get done!! As we all know, the days go SO DANG FAST!!

3 weeks down, 3 weeks to GO!

I would be SO SO thankful if you take a minute to vote for me, HERE!!

The prize money would mean the world to my family!!

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