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Pipe Shelf Tutorial

You asked, and we answered--FINALLY! So many of you have asked for a tutorial for this playroom design from Emily's house-- and here it is!

Supply List:

(22) 1/2 inch floor flanges

(8) 1/2 inch 90 degree elbows

(12) 1/2 inch tees

(2) 1/2 inch caps

(22) 1/2" x 12" nipples

(8) 1/2" x 20" pipe

(8) 1/2" x 18" pipe

1 quart of minwax provincial stain

1 quart of minwax classic gray stain

2.5" black drywall screws

(4) 1x12 pine boards cut to 36 inches

(2) 1x12 pine boards cut to 135.5 inches

(8) wood crates (here)

(2) glass jars (here)

**The wall used for the project is 96" tall by 148" wide. So if your room is smaller or bigger, keep in mind that you can adjust any of the measurements to fit your needs.

***If you follow us on Instagram-- (here) in our story highlights I walked you through the store to exactly where to find all of this at Lowe's!

To start, wash all the stickers off any of the pipe pieces that didn't come in bags. This is definitely a pain (especially waiting for them to dry), but is worth it to have a finished look. It's ok if some of the sticky residue remains, but you will want the actual white sticker off of it. (I tried to use goo gone, and it started to take the finish off- so don't make my mistake!)

Next, you will need to assemble the pipes into FOUR of these pole combinations: (All of the pipe have threads..so you just twist them together!)

And then TWO of these combinations to use as supports of the long boards:

Next, you can prep your boards by staining them using one of our favorite stain combinations. Mixing about 2/3 classic gray with 1/3 provincial will create the perfect weathered look. But, if you have stain laying around, you absolutely could use anything you have.

To attach everything to the wall, I used black drywall screws. I used a stud finder to plan out where the best place to screw everything would be. It ended up being shifted slightly to the left, instead of perfectly centered-- but it was the best option for safety! Make sure you take the time to do this step! If your shelves are not installed properly, they can pose many safety issues! I used painters tape to "try out" the placement of everything before we actually installed it.

Next, it's time to give it a go! We used a impact drill to have some extra power behind us as we put it up:

Hey look, Dad! You made the blog! ;)

I spaced out my 4 poles so that they would support the smaller 36" boards. And then I used the 2 small pole combinations as brackets to support the weight of the long boards. We had to slide in the long boards onto the shelves before we got too far into the install. (After one set of poles was up) If we hadn't done this early on, we wouldn't have had the room to get them in. GO SLOW. Take your time to measure things out, and make sure you use a level as you go, as well.

Here is a close up of the crates that I used (here), I stained them with some lighter stain that I had laying around. I believe it was honey oak by minmax, but I don't have it anymore to check for 100%. I wanted there to be a difference in the crates vs. the boards so they popped in the design. I found the liners in the dollar spot last summer, but I went a LONG time without them, and I didn't struggle with too many toys falling out of the cracks. You could easily find something at the container store that would work well too!

And if you're curious to know what the other side of the playroom looks like, here it is!

Art supplies and small games are stored in the chicken coop, and light sabers and large nerf guns are kept in the water crate.

Other Room Sources:

Chicken Coop Table

Glass Jars

Large Letters

Galvanized Letters- "St Louis Market Days" Vintage Market


Floor Poufs

Wallpaper (Purchased from Sherwin Williams, but here is a link!)

We would LOVE to see your projects if you decide to create this for yourself. We will be happy to feature you on Instagram as well! Tag us ------> @mbhomedesigners

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