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Renovation Challenge - Week 2

One thing in particular about the kitchen that really bothered me, was the fact that the row of upper cabinets and the hood range blocked your view into the living room. I really wanted to create a space that you could freely have conversation, and not feel like you had to look under those cabinets to do so. SOO--This week it was ALL ABOUT THE DEMO! We unhooked + tore down the GIANT hood range, pulled up the old flooring, and knocked out two sections of the sight-blocking cabinets!

Here, you can see the hood range gone. Already so much better!

Once that was down, we realized we had to make a decision about the cabinets. We knew that buying brand new cabinets was just not in the cards. (since we had so much else going on budget wise) At first, I debated whether or not to keep the cabinets to the left of the window. Aesthetically I knew I didn't want them, but I also didn't want to regret not having enough functionality either! Because they were installed back in the days of putting them up with NAILS (good grief!), either I took all of those down, or none. Taking down only one set, would potentially pull out the other one accidentally. I knew I didn't want any over the peninsula, so the decision as to whether or not to take down the rest of the cabinets was an EASY YES for me. Because again, I wanted all the open space + airy vibes I could get.

Time for the dry wall! WHAT A MESS!

Next up was knocking down the soffit about the stove. In addition, I had planned to take down the soffit that was over the windows, but when we poked around a little bit we found that there is a big pipe in that one. BUMMER. So decision #2 was how we wanted to fix the drywall we had taken down. We toyed around with some different scenarios, but ultimately having the smallest amount of patching + piecing in of the sheet rock was the best decision for us.

So here is where we are at, friends! As you can see we also got the flooring ripped up, and we decided to switch out the light over the sink, too. The countertops are ordered and the tile is on its way! Here is a sneak peek of what's to come:

I can't wait to see how much we get down this coming week! Painting and flooring is up next!


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