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Renovation Challenge-Week 3

So much has happened this week in the kitchen. The flooring is installed, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. As you can see it is project city around our house, but I am SO glad that we can actually live and walk in here! It's amazing how grateful you can become of the little things, #amiright?

We worked TIRELESSLY on painting the cabinets!! It was a major labor of love, and it was worth every ounce of effort. We started off by stripping the varnish off the cabinets with citrastrip stripping gel. Next we sanded them down using a pad sander, and then wiped them all down. HOLY DUST!! (WHAT. A. MESS!)

Next up was primer. I chose Sherwin Williams "Extreme Bond Primer", per their recommendation, and couldn't have been happier with that choice! Even though it took

T H R E E coats of primer to get the job done, it adhered super well. I used a 4 inch foam roller in places that was easy to roll, and a Purdy brand 1.5 inch brush for the rest of it. Each coat takes drying time, of course, so I literally felt like all I did was paint!!

Here you can see after the results from the first coat of primer.

And finally the fun part of painting...getting down to the actual color I chose! I loved the idea of all the cabinets being white, but with a house full of boys, it's just not practical for us. I selected SW Snowbound for the upper cabinets, and SW Slate Tile for the lowers.

I also had some SUPER happy mail arrive! It made me so happy for the increbile opportunity to partner with Jeffrey Court to make this space #feellikehome!

It's not everyday a massive semi truck pulls up and carries out a PALLET of goodies for you. The driver had barely pulled away, and I was ripping into it to check it all out. As I reached in, I was even more in love with it in person! EEK! It's SO PRETTYYYY, you guys!!

The tile on the left is: Jeffrey Court Helena Springs 6in x 6in ceramic wall tile, and will be used for the back of the peninsula. And the tile on the right is: Jeffrey Court Norton Stone Mosaic Tile, and will be used for the backsplash!

My goal for next week is have the back of the peninsula prepped for the Helena Springs tile, and get that installed! We are waiting on the countertops to be installed, so I will dive into this project first! CANNOT WAIT!


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