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Renovation Challenge-Week 5

Hey friends!!!

I want to start by thanking you all for supporting M+B Design, and for cheering me on in this renovation challenge! Each week seems to run into the next, but I am just thrilled with how everything is turning out..and I am SUPER thankful that you have all been here to propel me along. You guys are the best!

This week I gave myself quite the TO-DO list. We snuck in a quick family getaway to a waterpark over the weekend, but even with that, I was a busy girl! My initial plan with the cabinet fronts was that I would give them a makeover by sanding them down, filling in the vertical grooves with wood putty, and paint them. WELL...after devoting a TON of hours with that, I decided that they were just not salvageable. Some were warping, they had a funky old lady smell (HA!), and they were so thin that my desire of having concealed hinges was just not an option.

Plan B:

My amazing brother-in-law, David, and I decided to try our hand at constructing some new ones. I found some shaker style plans that I liked, he watched some you-tube videos, and we were basically on our way.

Working on building the rails and styles for the door fronts! Can you tell he's a hunter?

We spent a few days building and constructing all the fronts, and I could not love them more! (A huge shout out to David for his willingness to put up with my shenanigans, and to my sister who held down the fort when needed!) Next, it was time for me to hustle them home and get to painting! I basically went to school pickup with paint in my hair for like days on end, you guys. HAHA. I used a paint sprayer, which helped A TON, but each coat required me to take the sprayer back out..spray it..and then clean it all back up (if the paint is in the sprayer for too long, it will get gummed up, and stop spraying properly). There is definitely a reason that cabinet builders get paid well...it is HARD WORK, YA'LL!

TIP: Use solo cups to keep what you're painting from sticking to your plastic!

So as I'm doing all of this painting and preparing to escape for the weekend with my crew, we got a call from our countertop guy that our counters would be ready while we were gone. I was NOT about to pass up the opportunity to have them install, so we quickly agreed. Afterwards, I got off the phone I remembered that the old counters and sink had to be off! (Or they would charge us extra to do it when they got here) So I had like 4 hours to finish the laundry + pack, run a few last minutes errands, and completely tear apart the kitchen with only like 1.5 of those hours having help from my husband. If this sounds stressful to you, don't worry, IT TOTALLY WAS. HAHA!

GOOD OLD GOOGLE, for the WIN!! Josh and I successfully unhooked and uninstalled our sink, and tore off the counters!! I even got all of our items packed on time!! #momsruletheworld #amiright?

All that to say--we enjoyed an amazing weekend away, and when we got home, we were greeted to NEW COUNTERS!!!!

I mean, I may have to deal with no working sink for a few days until that can get installed (it's just shown here for looks...)--but I'm not even mad about it! HAHA. It got me all jazzed up and ready to take on the backsplash!

I made sure to double check that my starting point (the countertop) was level, and went to town. I wanted to get as much of the full pieces up as possible, so I poured my concentration into that first. What's nice about the backsplash that I chose, is that each piece fits together with the next piece, like a puzzle. It comes pre-packaged as one giant piece that has mesh on the back to keep all the tinier tiles as one. This seemed easier to me then trying to keep every last tile level the entire time, and definitely played a roll in my selection.

Here you can see how each piece comes pre-packaged, and how excited my littlest man was to "try out the new stools for lunch!" ;)

Once I got going, I was chugging right along:

-Slide the pre-mixed tile adhesive down with the trowel

-Put up your next piece + match up the "puzzle"

-Make sure it is level


I continued that pattern and made my way around the kitchen until about 1am! Yes, I said 1 AM!! Does anyone else get totally and completely lost in their projects?! I absolutely L-O-V-E how much of a difference the counters and tile have made. It's SO different in here!!!

The next day, David and I had planned to hang the door fronts, but because my dang old cabinet boxes are so thin on the sides, we spent our entire chunk of slotted out time finding hinges that would work. Instead, however, I was able to prime the window. And because who doesn't swoon over a before and after:

And also--for inquired minds--I'm going to wrap up week 5 with a quick sneak peek:

OH, YES. It's THAT good, ya'll.

I am FLOORED that in ONE MORE WEEK this challenge will be wrapped up!!

Where are my cheerleaders at?! #imgonnaneedyou

It's going to be an exciting week!!






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