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Reveal: Mindfully Maximizing Space

So often we meet clients who have a great sense of style but something about their space just stumps them.

It can be hard to see your room with fresh eyes when you see it every day. It is one of the reasons calling M+B makes such sense! We can see potential that clients often overlook because it is new to us.

When we met with our client, she had a very large front living room that she desired our assistance with. The room was long and rectangular. A fireplace centered on one of the long walls, creating a natural focal point. She had a couch and two arm chairs in the room focused on the fireplace, leaving the rest of the room feeling a bit, empty.

A large room has the potential to offer a lot of seating. But with the room being so long, having one seating area would feel too spread out or leave the room feeling empty like it did.

We decided to create multiple seating areas, keeping the fireplace as the focal point. We also worked with the client and upon request, incorporated some of her current pieces into the new design. You'll recognize the console table, coffee table, and nesting tables in the redesign.

On that empty wall, we added a side table flanked by two chairs. Two camel leather sofas face in to create a natural U - shape with the fireplace.

That wall that sat empty now is the first inviting seating area in the room. Whether our client's family wants to entertain or curl up with a book, these seersucker armchairs are the perfect spot to relax.

The oversize, round side table also helps to fill out the wall.

In the opposite direction, another pair of chairs rounds out our third seating area.

To keep the room interesting, we switched up the style of the chair and added a pop of color. The nesting tables were repositioned to this part of the room and topped with simple decor.

To make the focal really pop, we had the fireplace and hearth painted Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray. Simple decor and a funky mirror really draws your eye up.

We really loved that the client wanted to use some of her accent furniture in the space. We centered the coffee table between the sofas. It had a great patina glass detail and antiqued metal base. We kept decor simple. A tray anchored the vases and some decor books added some weight.

Her console table was another piece we were working to use in the redesign of her space. It had great length and was a beautiful piece of furniture. We wanted to make it serve a purpose. It felt a little empty and lacking in purpose.

Here it is before...


We added a custom sign to the space above the table. Signs are a great way to add personality to your rooms. They go with almost any decor style and can make quite an statement.

We also added symmetry under the table with matching wicker baskets holding extra throws and pillows.

Any fans out there? These words are just the sweetest message!

We added floor to ceiling curtains. The Belgian linen material is so chic. The drapes are simple yet completely finish out the look of the space.

We opted for fun and funky patterns on the pillows to play off the camel coloring. We used blues and grays and creams to tie together with the other colors in the design plan.

What do you think? Feel inspired to revisit that part of your home you just can't quite figure out what do with? If not, you know who you can call! ;)

-Bekah + Emily

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