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Simple Styling Tips: Small Vignettes

We all have areas of our home that need a little something but creating that perfect look can be a challenge. Small spaces can pack a big punch in the style department. Tackling the task of making these spaces beautiful is simpler than you might think.

Here are a few tips we use to create beauty for every area in the home.

BONUS: these same tips can be applied no matter your style aesthetic or the season you are decorating for.

1. Layers

Nothing adds more interest to a space than multiple layers. Those layers can be achieved through several ways. Arranging items to create layers of depth, like pictured below, not only fill the space fully but also create visual interest. You can also add layers by hanging or leaning an item on the wall, then layering other items in front on the surface area. For example, a piece of art or a mirror hung or leaning against the wall with lamps and books and greens arranged on a nightstand surface.

2. Natural Elements

Touches of greenery are a great way to add softness and life to your space. Both live or faux greens offer the same effect. Don't we all want hints of warmth in our spaces to invite others in?

3. Varied Shape

Sometimes we find an item that we love that is worth repeating. Taking that object and changing the shape, texture, or height can create enough visual interest to stand on it's own.

That is what we did on some floating shelves in a bathroom. Greens are beautiful and classic so we stuck with that one element in various shapes and containers. The overall look was stunning, yet simple.

4. Odd Groupings

Odd groupings are the most visually pleasing. Take into consideration some of these other tips and pulling together a table top or shelf decor becomes quite easy. For a side table, we chose a votive holder, vase, and boxed faux green to achieve an effortless style.

5. Define your space

If an area feels too large or daunting, define a smaller area to focus on. We used a wire basket to contain vintage books and a snake plant. This added a focal point for us to build upon to complete the rest of this TV stand's styled look.

6. Stacking

Whether your surface space is small or you just want to try something different, stacking your decor can be a fun way to add interest. We piled all the decor pieces on top of one another. Even though there was space to spread them out, this gave more height drawing your eye over as well as allowing the books to serve as anchor for this vignette.

7. Create height

Nothing draws your eye like height. It is why it is such an important component of architecture when building and also design when finishing a room. We chose to add dramatic height with the candlesticks below. It plays off of the other low profile pieces we grouped on the side table. Your eye is drawn over since the candlesticks cause a focal point within the room.

We hope that these tips serve as a guide for you when thinking of areas of your home that need a little sprucing up.

Happy decorating,


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