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Summer Nights: Patio Transformation

Moving into a fixer upper often times means moving into a home with a long list of "must do's" and "someday" projects. Over time, financial resources + time allow you to chip away at the "someday" projects and slowly (but surely!) your house becomes more like your own. Each weekend project....each gallon of paint...each trip to the hardware store...it all adds up!

My family and I love entertaining outside during the summer months, and we knew that eventually we would want to revamp our backyard to make the space more conducive to that. So, we added it to the "someday" list, and each summer we have been working to make it our own!

Here's what it looked like the day we moved in:

For the gardener who lived here previously, it was perfect for her. But we craved simple, entertaining space that would allow us many nights outside on the patio!

We decided to forgo the garden area and pour a patio. We also decided to take out an exterior window and install a patio sliding door. That meant a direct exit from the kitchen, to the new space!

And then this spring of 2021, we added the addition of a fence, and decided on a whim to add some sod:

It is incredibly easy to fall trap to the comparison game of other's homes-- but looking back on pictures is a great reminder that comparison will only steal you of your joy! Sure--- budget's usually dictate how much you can do each season, or year---but take time to enjoy your process and savor your hard work and dedication!

Which leads me to this summer-- THREE YEARS of dreaming and working (and a pandemic!) later--and this patio never felt so read to be used!! I decided to partner with National Business furniture to create a cozy outdoor area for our family. With a family size of 6--choosing an outdoor sectional was an easy YES!

Here is my overall vision for the project that we are working towards:

And here is this summer's progress!!

This lux, plush cushioned sectional was just the thing to get it started! I was nervous for the all white fabric with kids, but it has cleaned up SO well. I used sun + water Scotch guard to help protect them from the elements. And BONUS!!: each cover can be removed and cleaned too! (a must have for this midwest mama of 4!)

The teak wood is known for its natural ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and is the optimal choice for long-lasting outdoor furniture. It was a super easy built----with minimal pieces to assemble. A few hours + a good play list later, and our backyard haven was taking shape!!

What backyard patio wouldn't be complete without string lights?!

If you're swooning over this set, you can grab if from National Business furniture HERE! With the durability, quality wood frame, and easy to clean cushions--it checked ALL the boxes for our family! Use code: DESIGN10 for 10% off!

Long live summer nights, friends!

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