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Taking advantage of our VIP service!

One of the newer services we offer (Milwaukee area only) at M+B Design is the opportunity to literally pick our brain...ON ANYTHING interior design in YOUR home...for 5 WHOLE HOURS! This spring + summer I had the privilege to help a client in an exciting way.

I designed these spaces.....without doing it all myself!

My client Michelle was motivated and ready to make some changes to her house! She knew what she liked + didn't like, has great style...but sometimes...she just needed A FRESH pair of eyes. A new perspective. Someone to give her enough of a vision to keep her going until she felt stuck again. Here is what Michelle's home looked like the first time I saw it:




She knew she wanted to get to work painting the walls and the trim, but was apprehensive at how much of the trim she should paint at a time. She was ready to move on from the turquoise, and wanted to incorporate a glam look that still pulled in rustic elements too.

So heres what we did...

We set up a few visits where I would visit her home, check on her progress, and discuss the next few weeks and what she was going to be working on. At first it was paint colors and moving around some of her existing furniture. Another visit we decided on new wall decor and planned out paint colors for multiple areas of her home. She would be prepared with her questions and even have options for me to chose from to help her make sure her thoughts were cohesive. With a VIP service, you can enjoy the freedom to ask questions in multiple ways..instead of a focused project.


Here is what her space looks like now!


Recognize those bookcase towers from the dining room area? We repurposed them for the living room to bring height to her space!

I wish I could show you this mirror wall in person! It elevated that area in such a crazy big way!


Small Details


One of my absolute FAVORITE changes is the ceiling. Her tray ceilings were beautiful, but simple.. and she wanted to do something to jazz them up a bit. When I suggested wallpaper, her face lit up with excitement! It was the perfect wow factor she had been searching for:

The art pieces that once hung in the dining room, found their new home here...

All the decor on her towers + coffee table were things she already had. I simply gathered things from her spaces and made it come together for her:

New pillows are always an affordable way to update your home:

Solid colored pillows don't have to be boring!

So if this blog post speaks to you...and you know you have the drive + ideas, but lack that last piece of the puzzle...consider a VIP day service with us! We would love to help make your house #feellikehome!


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