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That's a wrap...on week 5!!

It's the end of week FIVE, you guys!! ONE MORE WEEK until I can show off this bad boy to you!!

Thank you SOOO much for all the people who have taken the time to vote for me throughout this challenge. I am beyond thankful for all your support and wish I could thank each of you personally. I cannot believe that $5,000 is on the table and it is because of YOU, I have a chance at that. $5K would do a LOT for my family, and again, I am just so thankful to Jeffrey Court, Behr, and Frog Tape for their amazing generosity.

You can vote for me HERE.

Here was my goal list for this past week:

I started off with installing the cabinets and I have to admit, it was daunting. I felt confident with what HAD to be done to get them installed...I could literally walk myself through the motions (thank you Youtube!) BUT when it came down to it....I was NERVOUS to mess up on my brand new cabinets!!)

I started with the tower cabinet:

I then temporarily installed the 2x4 across the wall to create a ledge for the upper cabinets to rest on during install. Shortly after this I had a moment of "I'm not sure I can do this!" when I couldn't find a stud to save my life. My dad is always my go-to DIY expert, and so I phoned a friend...or a Dad, in this case. ;) He reminded me to start with the stud finder on the other end of the wall (where I knew there was a stud behind the door) and work my way back. Worked like a charm--and my crisis was averted. (Thanks, DAD!)

You can see here how the 2x4 acts as both a resting point and also a level point too:

I used shims to make sure the cabinet was level (shims are thin wood wedges..you just shove them in until your cabinet gets leveled out.) And YES, the cabinet arrived damaged...and we are just working with it..because 1) we're on a time crunch and 2) you won't see it once the countertop is installed.

5 out of 5 cabinets are IN!! I know I'm always talking about being bold and trying things...but this was super out of my comfort zone. I legit did a fist-pump happy dance when it was done....you can do hard things you guys!!

Once the cabinets are up, you can remove the 2x4 and the backsplash will cover the screw holes. (or you could patch the holes if you weren't going to tile) Of course I had to rest the teaser piece of backsplash up on the wall...eek! Can't wait for that!! I also decided to get some extra cabinet panels to fill in below the countertops.(You can see the first one installed) I think it will make the lower area look more "finished" for when the rolling laundry carts (HERE) are tucked under.

I worked on the countertop ALL week. I decided to go with tung oil (here) because it is food safe. And if you're wondering why I would want a food safe option in my laundry room, OR why I have a drink fridge going in... It's because our sun porch is directly off our laundry room. We often have people over during the warmer months (which in Wisconsin is basically 1 month of the year...kidding..kind of...HAHA) and wanted the dual purpose of the countertop being an area to entertain. Each layer of oil takes several hours to fully dry so I added the layers periodically as I worked on other things.

The oil naturally enhances the look of the wood, I did not stain this. You can see the raw wood vs. the oiled wood below:

I also snuck in a quick project using Frog Tape (here)...it is always my go-to because I've found that it works SO well. I wanted to change the faucet out because it's the cheap one that came with the utility sink, but decided instead to give it a coat of spray paint to save on cost. I loosened up the faucet (with some serious contortion to get under the sink....how do plumbers do that on the daily I'll never know) and covered it with my beloved Frog Tape and garbage bags. I may have gone a little overboard with everything but taking any chance on all that tile work was NOT happening! ;) I sprayed it gold, but I'm totally leaving you hanging on the after of this until next week...don't hate me! (It's SO good!!)

I ended the week with TRIM. I had high hopes to get it ALL done and checked off my list in full...but I got it installed, filled, caulked, sanded, and primed...it was close but no cigar on this part. (who made up that saying, anyways?) I had 3 doors, 1 window, a board and batten wall, and floor trim to do:

I guess it was match your walls day, too? HAHA

First coat of primer went up on all the walls!! I recommend Behr Multi-surface stain-blocking primer (HERE) I love the way that this is taking shape...It's going to be perfect for coats, backpacks, snow pants, etc! When you can combine functionality with beauty....I'm all in! You feel me??

So here's what's left to get done in ONE MORE WEEK!!!


-Paint all the trim/do paint touch-ups

-Install the countertop

-Install the backsplash (install/cut, grout, seal) This will take the most time!!

-Install cabinet hardware (It's BEAUTIFUL..*drool*)

-Install rod for hanging clothes

-Paint laundry room sign

-Install hooks on board and batten

-Spray paint the laundry carts

-Install/Add finishing touches...decor/curtains/etc...


It's a race to the finish line. (you can follow along on Instagram, here!)

No matter the outcome, I am so thankful for your support! (and for the chance to share and learn with you along the way, too!)

Don't forget, you can vote for me HERE.

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