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Reveal: The Boho Basement

The biggest goals for this basement design was to elevate a few things to make it more inviting. To do that, I knew I wanted to accomplish a few things. First off, I knew the paint color needed to be elevated, the walls craved pieces that would bring some dimension, and it needed to textiles! She also was a repeat client who wanted to make sure this space paired well with the last space we designed. (You can see that HERE)

Here is look at what it looked like after the paint updates...


...And here it is now!

The WINDOW! The curtains hung high and wide elevated the window to the max!

To be budget savy, we repurposed all of her office furniture, and this chair and a half.

The mirror helps reflect the light which is so nice in a basement setting!

The bookcase was all about practicality for her, she wanted to save plenty of room for #realtorlife storage!

The Small Details


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