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Design Reveal: The Cedarwood Project

As we watch the colors change and the leaves fall here in Wisconsin, I'm always amazed that every year I am just as taken aback as the years before. Maybe I'm easily amused, but the power of the deep, bold, rich colors just overtakes my senses in the most enthralling way. I love that feeling of being overwhelmed by simple yet profound beauty. It's a huge perk of Wisconsin being my home, and I'm thankful for it.

I think it's safe to say that the Cedarwood project will be the push you need to get out your paintbrush. The same reason that I get overwhelmed by the leaves...is how I feel about paint. It just NEVER lets you down! (and if it does...it's likely you don't have the right color...and in that case..you're reading this blog post and you know a girl who can help! lol)

From 90's oak wood just about everywhere, pink tones in the fireplace, and an olive green wall color...it was time for a change:




I knew pretty much right out of the gate that paint was the first order of business, and my client was ALL FOR IT. We chatted about trying to take down the bead board, but worried about what the wall condition would be behind it...and wanted to keep the budget $ for the "fun stuff." So here's what I landed on...



The goal: Airy, Bright, + Light

Let's take a look at how it all turned out!!




Ok. Be Honest. Who's running for their paintbrush?! And it's funny how you do something to "save money" and then it ends up being SO GOOD you question why you ever debated getting rid of it. Like, "Oh hey, bead board. Way to GLOW UP for us! Really appreciate that..." ;)

One other thing I loved being able to highlight is how to design a longer, more narrow living space. It's something I hear probably once a week.. "I have a really odd shaped room and I just can't figure it out." Two rugs that defined two sections of the room was awesome for this..and so was providing additional seating. This project was unique in that our relationship as client + designer melted away quickly and it became natural to go with the flow as if I was helping a friend. So with that, we decided farther into the project to add more into the project. The chairs were one of those things that became a bonus and I am so thrilled that it worked out that way! *Insert my black belt HomeGoods finding skills* and I walked out with two matching chairs for a STEAL! Don't you love how they frame out the fireplace? Swoon!

Now let's talk fine details, because well, they are FUN!:



Try thrifting books to use as an affordable filler when you've got lots to buy!

Those wooden beads stopped me dead in my tracks while out shopping. When you know you know! And the "X" detail on this coffee table is stunning!

The artwork for the whole room is subtle and muted, but warm and inviting.

I used photos to frame out the TV and fill out the wall space.



If you loved this space, you don't have to be sad it's over. ;) I have another room in this home coming at you soon. The office! Stay tuned!!

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