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The Ridgeline Home

When building a new home, the laundry list of things to source, shop, and style can be SUPER overwhelming. It's a big feat to remember all of those details, and to have all your visions come out looking exactly what you hoped for them to be. My clients hired me to take the main living space off their own list, and decided on a Premier Design.

What was unique about this new build was that is was the second time they were building the SAME HOUSE. After facing the tragedy of a house fire, they were left with a foundation that was deemed able to be built upon again. So, with a few small tweaks to their floor plans, they began the journey of building their home for the second time.

Here's what it looked like when I saw it for the first time:

At our initial meeting we talked about what worked last time, what didn't, and what they were most excited about for this "second go around." We also talked about what major finishes were selected, and how that would tie into my part of the design. Black windows, dark wood floors, and paint selection were all the base layer to the space. We also chatted about what inspired them, and what they were hoping for in terms of their style. Additionally, unique to their home, was that everything had to be purchased from scratch. With the house fire, they were truly starting from the ground up.

SO- fast forward a few months and I came back over for a final measure, and to see the space in a much more "finished" state.

The race was on to get this precious family moved back into their house before Christmas! And while it's always the BEST part of my job to surprise my clients, there was something extra special about this project. Maybe it was the magic of Christmas and all the feels that come with that...but I was ready to play Santa and make this exactly what they hoped for.

The design was centered around clean lines with some modern touches. Functionality and ease were key in the design as well, considering their kids in the house. And finally, those windows!! (So dreamy!) They are show stoppers, and I knew they deserved the spotlight!

Here is the mood board for the space:

Blues + neutrals + gold accents


Can't you just imagine sinking right down into those sofas?

These windows...STEAL. THE. SHOW. and I'm so here for it!

Such a great use of the "under the stairs" space

And can we just pause in all the amazing goodness of this room to talk about the small details? I am SO SO super obsessed with every last item. The built-in decor were some of my most adored selections in the space. I think especially knowing the journey of what this family went through to get to this moment, made it that much more fun. (Insert even more holiday feels here)

If you've ever wondered if I have some secret formulas to the things I do, well then buckle up...because here it is ;)

One night in an attempt to wrap my brain around what else needed to be purchased for the shelves, I was wishing I could be in the space, and SEE what else was needed. SO, I quickly used my design software to make a state-of-the-art image. ;)

But in all seriousness, design software or not, sometimes you just need to visualize. Pencil + paper does wonders!

Here are some close-up shots of the built-ins:

Displaying pictures is a huge way to cozy up your home, and make it come alive for YOUR family.
Balance is key for these mammoth shelves. Greenery, frames, wood elements, blue touches...you find them all balanced to give that cohesive look!

The area under the stairs turned out to be the perfect way to utilize what could otherwise have felt like "dead space." I love the way this thick-edged 40" mirror spoke so much into this area:

On this open console table, less is MORE.


Here are a few of the other details that I love:


Coffee Table

The wood grain...SWOON!

The Floor Lamp

The swing armed lamp angled over the sofa is simple + pleasing to the eyes. (the outlet in the floor is so convenient!)

The Artwork

And for the real showstopper...the beloved WINDOWS!!

Custom cathedral-length curtains accentuate the beautiful architectural choice!

This project was such a fun one, and one I think i will always remember as a favorite. The beauty in this home exudes from choosing happiness over their history, and choosing to press on. What a beautiful reminder that is for all of us.


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