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Tried + True Neutral Gray Paint Colors

We are often asked by clients to help pick paint colors. We TOTALLY get it. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you have the perfect color nailed down, and having to start over when you realize it's not. Whether you are the kind of people who love a fresh coat of paint, or just paint when you absolutely have to, we've got you! We are here to share some options of tried + true paint colors...JUST FOR YOU!

If you've followed us for awhile, then you know that we use Sherwin Williams brand paint for all of our painting needs. Bekah and I love it because it is guaranteed to be quality. We can run to the store with our selections in mind, and be in and out with no hiccups- because it is constant!

Neutral Paint colors are without a doubt a safe option. As trends come and go, you may eventually wish to switch up your tans for grays, or your grays for creams. However, you won't ever consider your neutral selection as a "What were we thinking?" choice. Now don't get us wrong, we are always down for some fun color! However, a neutral wall by no means limits you to be able to incorporate that into your design. What is great about a neutral starting point, is that your pops of color can be added in elsewhere. A rug under your furniture, pillows + throws, and window treatments, are all examples of secondary ways to splice in color into your home.

It is very good to note that grays come in just about every shade of the rainbow. They can take on green, blue, or even purple. Here is an example of a gray color that leans BLUE:

Sherwin Williams Rock Candy

Another trick with gray is that white trim vs. wood trim can play a role in whether or not you will love the color you decide on. Here we paired a neutral gray with darker wood trim:

Sherwin Williams Passive

Light + bright + airy spaces make up a huge difference in your home. Paint takes on a huge role in helping to create that finished look. Here we used a greige (gray/beige), to incorporate some of the existing brown tones our client had:

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

And this office space was also nothing but bright when we were finished. If you follow your favorite gray colors up on a color swatch, you will notice that the very top color is closest to white. Here we chose the very top color on a popular gray swatch:

Sherwin Williams Spatial White

And last, but certainly not least...our ABSOLUTE TOP gray color choice. If we could recommend any light gray color to you, and know without a doubt that you will love it...It would be this one! It's a gray that won't lean any wonky color on the gray color wheel, and it is without any doubt, TRIED + TRUE.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

So to recap, neutral colors will always provide a base to a fresh start, and an updated design. And if you're a list person like us, here are 5 fun tried + true gray neutrals for you:

1. SW Rock Candy

2. SW Passive

3. SW Agreeable Gray

4. SW Spatial White

5. SW Repose Gray (our #1 pick)

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