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Ways to Style a Throw

We love a good throw here at M+B! I'm not sure if it is because I constantly keep my house cool so always want to snuggle up or not, but a throw instantly adds something to a space. There really is a place for a throw in almost every space in your home so we thought it would be fun to show you some different ways to style throws.

1. Over the arm of the couch

This style is a relaxed way to incorporate a throw. It gives the invitation for family and friends to actually use the throw. There is nothing better than feeling like you are at home, even if you aren't.

2. Folded in thirds, flowing down the couch or front of a chair

This option is a great way to add layers, texture and color to your furniture. It is simple to do and has a tidy appearance. Layer some pillows with the throw and you have a cozy nook ready and waiting.

3. Draped over the furniture

This look is a favorite. It looks like the throw is waiting for your return back to relaxing. This style has a carefree feel.

Tip: Start with a corner pulled towards the back and then drape forward and out. It creates a nice flow and less boxy look.

4. Flowing onto the ground

There is nothing quite as luxurious as a cascading puddle of cozy. When styling a throw in this way, it allows your eye to roam from the furniture piece to the floor, taking in the room. Doesn't this look make you want to crawl in bed and stay?

5. As a table runner

An unconventional choice is a throw as a table runner. We love the way it warms up a surface, creates a layer that is soft and adds visual interest.

6. In a basket

You really can never have too many throws. Tucking away spare throws in a basket to be used on a whim is a functional way to keep the room tidy while also adding a homey, welcoming touch that invites inhabitants and guests to stay awhile.

Whether it's a living room or your bedroom, these styling tips are a sure way to inspire extra charm in your home.

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