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I absolutely can NOT believe that the final week has come and gone! As I ran to the store today to grab some flowers for the final photos, I couldn't help but reflect on all that has happened to our home in such a short time. It's easy in a fixer upper to get stuck dreaming about your big lofty goals, and not notice how much you have done in a short time. In August, I had moments of wondering if our new house would ever feel like home again. This challenge was an amazing reminder that hard work + determination pays off, and I'm so thankful for that!

As soon as last week ended, I knew there was NO room for a lazy day. Our schedules were pretty jam packed with "life", and I knew I had lots of last minute final touches that needed to get done. Hanging the doors and FINALLY having functionality was the best feeling EVER! We have been rocking the plastic silverware life for far too long, ya'll! Here is a photo recap on the simple shaker style cabinet fronts I decided to build:

Give me all the brass hardware!

We also finished getting the marble hexagon tiles up, and grouted both the peninsula and the backsplash. And I really do mean "we" this week. My husband was such a trooper, and really cheered me on in the final stretch (and the whole time for that matter!). He was always willing to help, and even tried his hand at a few new DIY projects! We had many late nights, and a lot of fun. Making your house a home is best when you create memories with the people you love. #amiright?

I sure did love having him by my side. What a guy!

We used pre-mixed grout for this particular project. If you're not familiar with the options, they also have some that you add water to and mix yourself. At our last house we did the kind where you add the water, and I just felt like I was constantly adding water or adding grout powder. I didn't want to fight that battle, so I just bought the pre-mixed this time. I would definitely recommend it for the ease of just opening the lid and getting down to it! I chose the color "silverado" (a light gray) for both the hex tiles and the printed tiles, as well. White would have been pretty for the hex too, but not with a house of boys! I have plenty of other things to worry about more than if my grout it spotless. #reallife

You can pick up a rubber bottomed trowel near the grout at your local hardware store, and it's so easy. You just use the trowel to spread the grout into the cracks, and away you go. Start with small sections, and have a wet rag and bucket of water ready. After you fill in the cracks, you go back over it and wipe the tile to remove the excess. You do that to prevent the grout from sticking onto the tile itself. You can see the process of the grout going in here:

As the final night arrived, all I had left was to stain the board for the shelf we put up, and touch up some paint! My huge giant list that once was a mile long, was down to ONE final thing.

What a ride!

This once incredibly outdated kitchen with NO line of sight, is now open + light+ airy! Here is a reminder of that lovely kitchen from just SIX WEEKS AGO:

Kitchen Before Picture!


My heart is so SO full!

I am thankful that this challenge lit a fire under my butt, and kept me chugging along these six weeks. I'm incredibly thankful to Jeffrey Court for choosing M+B Design to be a part of this challenge. And, if you've followed along these past six weeks, I am absolutely thankful for you guys. Thank you for sharing in my joy!

If you've ever been on the fence about a DIY project, I hope you feel empowered to try something new! DO THE THING-- even if it seems a little out of your reach. You are more capable of a do-it-yourself project then you even realize.

It's been SO fulfilling to share throughout this process, and to end up with results that make me excited to share with you all. My house has absolutely started to #feellikehome, and I'm so blessed that this challenge catapulted that for for the six of us!


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