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Why I decided to paint this room...AGAIN.

You know those moments in life where you work for HOURS on something and it still feels like you're swimming with things to do?! Well that was me this week! I am so excited for what I accomplished, but also starting to freak out that we are wrapping up WEEK 4!! (see GIF below...haha!)

With shopping and shipping looking different lately, I am trying to think through everything from now until the end and make sure I have everything I need.

Here's a recap of what was done this week. We started the week by finishing up the big accent wall. SO. MANY. CUTS, you guys!!!

I was DEFINITELY ready to put the wet saw away for awhile after this: (you know...until next week..haha)

To take a break from tile work, I decided it was time for PAINT! I had originally started to paint in here MONTHS ago, and proved to be part of the 90% done club by not even finishing the top edging. Sometimes I bite off too many projects at once...WHOOPS!

Que the embarrassing before photo. Unfinished trim, paint, and a mountain of laundry. Who else feels me on this #momlife photo? ;)

I knew with all the traffic from our sunporch, my 4 kids, and my 100 lb. dog that I needed a paint that would be easy to clean. Usually that means picking a paint that has a glossy sheen and I did NOT want glossy walls.

I couldn't believe it when I found out that Behr paint carries THIS in a MATTE finish. It's also a paint + primer in one, which makes for a faster project. (score!)

I love when you find a product that is an easy YES, and this checked all my boxes!

Next, I needed to pick a new paint color. I didn't mind the color I had originally chosen, but as the room started to unfold, I realized that I wanted MORE. More Richness. More bold. More Mood. There is so much white in the design of this room, that I have that freedom for this space!

Here are some of the contenders:

NYPD (2nd from bottom) Heritage Park (2nd from bottom) Pinecone Hill (2nd from bottom)

I decided I didn't want the room to look too coastal, so blue was out. I had THOUGHT pinecone hill was the shoo in, but as I made one last pass through my BEHR color swatches I knew... Heritage Park was the WINNER!!

Already can tell i'm going to love it!

The next thing on my list this week was to grout the big wall. I literally thought I could bust it out in a few hours, and call that wall good as done. This is when that "work so hard and only see a turtle's pace" I was talking about came into play. It took me HOURS to get it all grouted. Here's a photo my husband snapped of me:

We used junky broken pieces by the shelf, because they are all hidden by the shelf!

Basically you use that rubber float tool to push grout into all the cracks of the tiles. Then, using a sponge, you wipe down the tile and eliminate the grout from everywhere but the cracks. You have to work in small sections or the grout will dry too fast (making it harder to wipe off).

I can't tell you how many times I have reached for the Frog Tape during this renovation. The yellow tape is designed specifically for delicate surfaces. (and let me just say..this brand is DEFINITELY the best for a reason. Don't waste your time with off brands--you'll regret it)

Whether you're moving fast through a project or not--this is EXTREMELY helpful. Spending a few minutes prepping with the tape puts my mind at EASE knowing I can be messy as I go along. You can see below how it protected my utility sink and freshly painted walls...and you can even see how clean the line looks as I pulled up the tape! #frogtapeforthewin

And then lastly, I got the floating shelf project COMPLETE, by giving it a quick sanding and a coat of Early American stain. This last piece to the puzzle made me gain some excitement back again!! It looks SO good, and was exactly how I imagined it all coming together!! It's always so motivating to see your effort pay off--and it was just what I needed!


See how well Frog Tape kept grout off my ceiling and freshly painted walls! It's a must-have for projects!!

Isn't that paint color just SOO good?! It's so perfectly moody and I am so glad I went with my gut to go bold! And the fact that I can wipe these walls down, too? PERFECTION.

The plan for WEEK 5:

-Install cabinets (Have I ever done that? NOPE. Am I going to learn? I guess so! LOL)

-Get all trim work DONE! Install, prime, paint.

-Finish the board and batten wall. Install, prime, paint.

-Install + stain + seal the butcher block countertop (Have I ever done THAT? Also NO. Hello, Youtube.)

-Start the backsplash

-Build/Paint a custom laundry sign

-NOT die. (HAHA!)

How can you help?

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(You don't have to sign up for anything..its ONE click!) I truly appreciate every single one of you who are cheering me on and voting for me!! You guys keep me motivated to KEEP GOING!

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